All of us - parents, teachers and our community - want the same thing: the best education for our children.

For me, that means we need to shape a school district where...

  • the individual needs of each student are met, so that all students may achieve academic and personal success.

  • every student is performing at grade level in all subjects.

  • 100% of our students receive diplomas that prepare them for their chosen future, without needing remedial classes.

  • teachers are paid a living wage, allowing them to live in the same communities where they teach.

  • DPS graduates want to return to Denver to teach DPS kids.

My plan includes three pathways to a high quality education: Equity, Opportunity, and Safe and Supportive Environments.


All students must receive a culturally relevant, anti-bias education that acknowledges their potential for excellence and prepares them for a 21st century economy.

EQUITY means that…

  • parents and guardians can send their children to any school in Denver and trust that the level of education will be of high quality, regardless of zip code.

  • early intervention is available to ensure that all kids remain on or surpass grade level.

  • school staff are adequately trained to identify the special needs of students and are provided the resources and support to best meet the needs of each of these exceptional students.


As a school board member, I will fight so that every child in DPS has access to an educational program and school community that will best meets their needs.

OPPORTUNITY requires a champion who, like me, understands that…

  • DPS must provide an inclusive, high quality education for each child, based on his or her individual needs.

  • transportation access to attend the school and pursue the academic program that is most responsive to and best reflects the student’s dreams.

  • families know what is in the best interest of their children. They can and should be empowered to make the best decisions for their child’s education.

I will continue to support a family’s access to choice, irrespective of the school model.


We must make our schools places where students love learning, where teachers love teaching and where everyone feels safe.

We create these SAFE environments by…

  • providing resources in each school to assure physical and social safety, and to make sure that different cultures are respected and valued.

  • providing a full continuum of mental health services for students.

  • combating racial bias at every level, ensuring that our special needs kids are safe, and by protecting and supporting our LGBTQ community.

  • welcoming and valuing all students, families, and staff -- not regardless of, but especially because of their unique backgrounds: country of origin, religion, gender identity, skin color, and all of the other things that makes each of us unique.


These are the pathways to a high quality education that I will champion on Denver school board.

I hope to earn your vote.